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Hidden gems of Amsterdam: House of Bols

Amsterdam has much more to offer than meets the eye. It’s full of quirky cafes, bars and museums that are often overlooked by bigger tourist attractions. Located in the Museum Quarter, House of Bols is one of Amsterdam’s hidden gems. The Cocktail and Genever experience guides it’s visitors through a multi-sensory spectacle.

The interactive journey begins when you step through the door as each guest is given a tiny bottle of Genever. The bottle is specifically for when you are in the ‘Art of Flavour’ room where your senses are put to the test through lights, vibrations and music. This small part of the experience alone is something you’ll remember. Everyone takes a shot of the same Genever but because of all the sensory action, each person tastes a different flavour.

The ‘Hall of Taste’ is where you can experiment with taste, scent and colour. The hall is lined with bottles containing different flavoured Genever. Each bottle can be smelt for visitors to guess what flavour is inside. You then go into the ‘Ingredient Room’ where you can learn more about how Genever was created and it’s authentic history.

After an hour of history, each person is given a token for a free cocktail in the ‘Mirror Bar’. The bar features machines where you choose your own cocktail based on your personal taste and preferences. The cocktails list of their secret ingredients so you know what you’re trying. The experience bar-tenders then make it up in front of you and you’re given a chance to help make it yourself.

The House of Bols is a truly unique experience, with a perfect blend of history and interactiveness.

By Briar Wooldridge

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