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'The Final Say'

The Independents Editor, Christian Broughton, has ‘The Final Say’, a petition to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May.

“Regardless of how you voted in the Brexit referendum, you deserve a say on the final deal.”- Christian Broughton.

The petition which has gained 734,101 out of it’s 1,000,000 needed, to be taken into the House of Commons, contains several detailed reasons as to why the British public was poorly informed prior to the EU Referendum in May 2016.

The Primary argument is that the British public was not only poorly informed about the consequences of a Vote Leave result, but Christian Broughton, furthers this by highlighting that now the general public is becoming aware of the implications of a Brexit, worse case scenario a no deal- Brexit, that the public has a right to revoke the decision that saw the country divided and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Petition goes into detail regarding the three reasons for ‘The Final Say’:

1. The people, on both sides of the debate, are losing faith with the current process. From Theresa May to Parliament as a whole, a chaotic approach has delivered infighting, resignations and party politics, but little progress on the key issues that people care about.

2. The people on both sides should have the chance to finish what they started. With reality coming into focus, it’s only natural to check this future is what people really want. After years of negotiations behind closed doors, the people must not be shut out of the final decision.

3. The people – on both sides – know so much more now than we did in 2016. The campaigns – again, on both sides – were flawed and clouded by misinformation. Many myths have been exposed. Now we must check there is support for the facts of Brexit.

For more information about The Independents ‘Final Say’ Campaign or to sign the petition, see the link below:

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