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72 hours in Budapest

A city split in two, known for its thermal baths and crazy cheap food and drink. Budapest is undoubtably one of the most beautiful and vibrant places I’ve ever visited and last month I was lucky enough to escape their for a 3 day trip with my boyfriend.

With not long to explore we didn’t waste time. As soon as we had checked in we whipped out our map and got on our way. Thankfully, we had done a bit of research before hand, so we had a rough idea of some of the places we wanted to visit.

One of the favourite places we visited was the Szechenyi Thermal Bath’s. This is definitely the city’s most popular bath so booking before hand is a must. It was 30 degree’s the entire time we were in Budapest so this was a perfect spot to chill out, grab a beer and soak up the soak. We also booked to have a beer bath, which is literally a wooden bath full of beer. Not only did we get our own private room, we also got canapés and free beer on tap!

Budapest has a huge variety of amazing restaurants. Two of the best restaurants we went to were called Splier, which was based in the Jewish Quarter and Lucky 7 Bugers which was off the river in the city centre. Both served delicious, good quality food for a great price. We never paid more than we would if we had a meal each a McDonalds in the UK!

Not only does Budapest have amazing restaurants, it is also full of quirky cafes. We visited a cat cafe which as you can guess, was full of rescue cats, and also a zoo cafe where we held snakes, lizards and even tarantulas, all whilst having some cake and coffee!

Overall, Budapest was one of the most incredible places me and my boyfriend have visited. It was full of amazing architecture, history and beautiful landscape. For such a cheap trip, we will certainly be going back soon.

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