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How CBD aids recovery

Focal Brain Dysfunction was ruining Andrew’s life, because of it he had to remain home with his mother, despite being a father of an 8 year old son himself. This is because one of the more serious symptoms is having seizures and fits. A seizure when alone is a recipe for disaster “imagine if I cracked my head open and laid there dying” said Andrew, showing signs of distress. This was a scary reality for the Huddersfield man, and being a father he had more reason than ever to ensure that didn’t happen.

Speaking about when his condition started, Andrew Lewis explained “I was 24 years old when it started, I’m 31 now” Thankfully Andrew was about to discover the wonders of the completely legal cannabis oil, CBD. Which amongst other impressive qualities greatly

(HelloMDPublished on May 13, 2016).

reduces seizures and fits in those who take it.

But what exactly is CBD? CBD is a non-psychoactive and therefore legal chemical found within hemp and cannabis. In the UK it is sold as alternative medicine and uses CBD and CBDa. It is extracted from industrial grade hemp grown and is legal not just in the UK but in many parts of the world. It is often seen as the next best thing to medicinal cannabis in the parts of the world where the law has not caught up with the medical evidence. Indeed multiple international government and university studies have shown CBD and CBDa to have an almost unbelievable amount of health benefits. In recent years videos have surfaced on social media showing children to adults, physical to mental disorders being treat with cannabis oil.

The main thing treating the patients has no psychoactive or even recreational effects, here are some of the amazing things CBD and CBDa have been found to do:


Inhibits cancer cell growth


Promotes bone growth

Reduces seizures and convulsions

Reduces blood sugar levels

Reduces inflammation

Reduces risk of artery blockage

Reduces small intestine contractions

Reduces vomiting and nausea

Relieves pain

Relieves anxiety

Slows bacterial growth

Suppresses muscle spasms


Treats psoriasis


Speaking more about his condition FBD which is more specifically characterised as a ‘sharp wave’ that affects Andrews middle-right temporal lobe causing pain, sluggishness and seizures “To start with, the medication doctors gave me didn’t do much, it took some time to build up in my system and even then the dose needed to be increased” Andrew explained how his doctors over the years gave him increasingly stronger doses until he reached his maximum dose and then had to move onto another drug to try “It was trial and error almost, the GP’s tried different doses” Andrew calmly explains.

“One I tried, it helped for a few months, then few years, constantly upping the dose” talking about the negatives of traditional medicine he added “Eventually they moved me onto another prescription, at the moment I’m on 3 different prescriptions”.

After years of this trial and error approach to his condition, in mid 2016 Andrew was told by a friend about LoveCBD, a company that specialises in creating high grade CBD oil in the form of edible, under the tongue oil and also balms to rub onto your body, both of which Andrew has tried and uses still. Indeed after speaking to someone from the company he managed to get a life long 25% discount on all his orders. This gives you an insight into the mindset of CBD companies, they treat people as patients, not customers.

We are still in early days in terms of CBD recognition, but the evidence is rapidly stacking up in favour with huge swarms of people self medicating. If going on precedent cases alone and reports from around the world, for example the small girl who went from 300 serious seizures a week to only a few a month, are any indication, CBD is here to stay and it is getting more affordable as time goes on. CBD is a healthy, natural alternative to pharmaceutical companies and in some cases is giving people, from children to adults an entirely new lease on life.

Currently CBD is sold as a “food supplement” but with future recognition of the benefits it could become widely available to an entirely new demographic of people suffering with various conditions. Young men like Andrew are pioneering the future of self and alternative treatments.

When asking why the father of one doesn’t take CBD daily he explained “I was worried about my body getting immune to a substance, the same way it did with the stuff the doctors gave me over the years, so if I feel better I don't feel the need to take it” Andrew goes on to explain that he only takes it when needed and that as soon as he starts taking again he “feels a difference within a day or so, it absolutely helps with my seizures and with the aches and pains associated with them” he went on to add “I still do get them from time to time but it has been greatly reduced from what it was” and that if he does have them they are in his sleep which are much more manageable “my body aches a lot the next day when I do, but when that happens I just rub in the CBD balm”

Andrew continues to take medication from his doctor however he uses CBD he buys online, legally to help his overall health. When asked if it was an option on the NHS he would take it he replied with a very enthusiastic “Absolutely!” adding “Even my mum has used it now, she was a little sceptical at first but has used it and is impressed!” When asked to sum up how he feels about CBD Oil in a sentence Andrew said “Stops me feeling like crap to be honest mate! Less seizures and aches and pains gone, not as drained” we wish Andrew the best of luck in his personal journey of treating FBD.

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