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The Reality of LA LA Land: In conversation with Domenique Fragale.

(Credit: @Luis Herrera )

What do LA, Princess Dianna, Kevin Bacon and the Bafta’s have in common?

Domenique Fragale.

Domenique Fragale is not only a successful LA actress, model and writer: she is the ultimate triple threat.

At face value, Domenique Fragale is an Artist leading by example through the precarious industry of the film industry, but when I first met this stunning actress from Lincolnshire, (English accent intact), it was obvious she was so much more than a La La land doll seeking the big time.

After a hectic working few years, including acting alongside Kevin Bacon, being shot by the likes of Danny Meija and being invited all over the world by her new-found industry friends, Domenique sat down to tell us what life in La La Land is really like.

A woman who started her acting career at 12 years old, in the hit short, Wednesday's child, Domenique was thrown into the turbulent lifestyle of an actress as the film had overnight success, shown internationally in education facilities and even attended the Bafta’s as a winner of the Princess Dianna Award. An award that works to foster and inspire young people’s voices.

Wednesday’s Child concentrated on bullying and gun crime in the UK. It was amazing to see the power that a small group of individuals had to make a difference. It was an absolute passion project; we all did it for free and it was extremely rewarding. The Diana Award is a great cause and it concentrates on the fact that young people can change the world for the better with a real focus to keep people safe online and offline.”

Suddenly it was 2015 and drama school was over, it was time to take the plunge across the pond.

The conversation soon turned from the burning aspiration of a British actress to the reality of the bright lights of LA, whose hills have a much darker reality out of the spotlight.

“When I first came out to LA I had a few friends who couldn’t withstand the pressure of the industry and unfortunately chose to end their lives as a result; others who developed or had mental health disorders such as schizophrenia surface and personal relationships break down. It terrified me because I didn’t truly understand what was happening around me and someone who was so fresh to this brand new city, it was a very turbulent time.”

Despite some patchy periods of darkness that cast itself across Fragale’s life, she kept her head down and worked with her agencies MAG and Beresford and singularly to make her dreams a reality, leading to guest star roles in television series Married with Secrets, leading roles in the latest EE with Apple Music commercial, ‘Becky’ in 2018 release feature film “My Best Friend’s Famous” and playing the villainous Purnima in the best selling German novel turned to a series Universe Of Gods, as well as launching her modelling career.

(Credit: EE with Apple Music Commercial)

“The modelling hit off when I came to LA. I saw a recognition for women with curves and I was reached out to via Instagram of all places to work with brands such as iHeartRaves and Slink Jeans – both recognising and embracing women of all appearances. There are beautiful women all over the world and we see these stunning women like Victoria Secret Angels, but we become envious and then resentful to ourselves.It’s vital to be considerate of the natural body. Actually, the last time I was in London for a casting I was told I wasn’t skinny enough nor was I curvy enough to be a plus size... I was normal. It’s a funny world we live in.”

As if her resume wasn’t impressive enough, behind this multi-talented woman is a human striving to make a difference to the communities around not only from her insightful articles with Spotlight, but through the book she is writing with publishing house Trigger Press, which is due for release in 2018 (but that’s between us Brits for now!) and working closely as an advocate with the Shaw Mind Mental Health Foundation, which strives to break down the barriers surrounding talking about mental health.

So, whilst the Hollywood calling is not as bright as we once thought, perhaps now we can begin to recognise and support those working in the film industry to make it a safer place: a cause that we know Fragale will launch into 2018 alongside her blossoming career.

A conversation with Domenique Fragale tells you one thing.

She is not just an actress.

She is not just a model.

She is not just a writer.

She is a piece of goodness that we need more of in this world.

She is simply, phenomenal.

And sometimes a conversation is all you need.

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