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Don Broco's ready to draw the line

It was all about Technology at The Shed venue in Leicester on Tuesday 21st November, with members of band Don Broco doing a DJ set as part of their “Ambush Tuesday” rock alternative night.

Bass guitarist Simon Delaney and drummer Matt Donelly joined The Shed’s resident DJ, Dan Bailey, up on stage. They were greeted with several screams off fans who were sporting their new merchandise.

The duo were in high spirits, conversing with The Shed’s DJ and taking selfies with fans. Huge roars erupted from the crowd as Broco’s own songs were played.

The venue wasn’t quite as full at first, but fans were quick to arrive in packs as the boys graced the stage, dancing and smiling.

The quality of the sound was good, with familiar, alternative classics like The Killer’s “Mr Brightside,” in which the whole crowd acted as one, singing and drinking with strangers alike. It was a beautiful sight to see so many people bonding over their mutual love of alternative music.

The Bedford band formed in 2008, and have their third studio album, Technology, released next year in February – 10 years after they formed. Five songs of the album have already been released – Technology, Pretty, Stay Ignorant, Everybody and T-shirt song.

This year saw The Shed fully renovated and under new management, it opened its doors on 1st April with a brand-new feel. The whole place had been beautifully renovated, with still a touch of the old place left.

Ambush Tuesdays are a new event started by the venue at the start of autumn, the theme being to “take back Tuesdays,” making it an exclusively alternative music event without “cheesy pop mash-ups”.

As well as hosting gigs and events, the venue is open as a café during the day, where food will soon be served.

The band are on tour in February, performing in cities such as London, Newcastle, Leeds, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Nottingham.

In light of recent sexual assault allegations made on Twitter about lead singer Rob Damiani, there has been a retraction of the claims, as well as an apology.

Don Broco tweeted:

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