After England...

August 31, 2017



I’ve been back on US soil for a good 36 hours. Yes, I am definitely still jet lagged. Yes, I
still talk a bit funny. Yes, I will probably forever be using the slang that I learned. But
that’s not what this is all about.

For 14 days, I lived in one of the most beautiful cities my eyes have ever seen, Bristol
England. I am unbelievably blessed to have been able to join the team that was going
out there to work with Bristol City Center Church (BC3) for a few days. Each day we
went into the city center (a giant mall) and sang songs and one girl shared her spoken
word about her testimony. It was like nothing I had done before which is why I want to
share it.

I don’t travel just to see new places, it’s a huge perk, but that’s not the whole reason
behind my heart of going. My heart longs to meet new people, those that may be broken
or hurting; get to know their story, their wants, their joys, and their fears. Share with
them the love of Jesus. It’s pretty simple when I think about it, but in actuality it’s quite

I have never thought that ‘evangelism’ was my ‘thing’. I’m an awkward human being and
yes I speak of Jesus a lot because of what He does in my life, but the thought of leading
someone to Christ and asking if they know who He is, sends my feet the opposite way.
Until this trip.

We stood in the middle of the street and sang songs of praise to the Lord. We spoke of
His love for us, and told those standing around who stopped to listen just how much
God loved them and wanted to get to know them more.
It was life changing.

For the sake of those I met, I will not share any names, but I would like to share a few
high points of meeting these beautiful people.
We met those who wanted to know more of this ‘Jesus’ person. They asked questions
and were curious.

We met those that suffered from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, cocaine and
marijuana addictions.

We met those that just wanted to know how much they were loved and cared for.
I heard stories that made me cry. I heard stories that made me laugh.


I have a special place in my heart for those that I met and I hope and pray that these
last weeks will not be the last time that we get to have meaningful conversations.
God is doing big things in this World. We each have a chance to be apart of it.


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