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How to Make a Bad Day Better

I should probably define what a bad day even is, but a bad day changes per person. For me bad days can range from just waking up some mornings and not feeling the best to having proper meltdowns.

Honestly I think it’s more than okay and very much normal to have our bad days, they're almost needed at times. I do think it’s okay to just let yourself have the down day and not to fight it.

I usually start to do things to clear my head in the afternoon of that day just so I’m not going to bed with a heavy head so I don't start my next day badly.

Often for me waking up just having that bad feeling like it’s just going to be a dull day lets me know that I’ve been suppressing how I feel recently by putting on a happy face. I tend to do that without even noticing but that is not the way to cope with emotions, it always catches up to you.

It’s so important for us to learn about ourselves and understand what’s going on in our own heads. For most of my teenage years I have been terrified at the idea of digging through my thoughts. Far too many of us assume by ignoring how we feel it will pass and honestly it does the total opposite, it grows.

I have one major tip for you all today that I feel is so important and that is..

Understanding Yourself

You’d be surprised how little we truly know about ourselves and it’s time to start learning because there is nothing more important than, you.

Through the last two years I have had to learn and understand myself and my mind, it was like charging into battle against myself. As tough as it was somedays I have learned so much, about me in general, what I love what I don't, the most basic things.It's important to know whats good or unhealthy for our mental health.

My tip for starting to learn to understand yourself is

Writing down two lists, “Things I need to avoid” and “Things I need to do more”

Get a copy or a journal just something you can grab to write this and more things down, think of this as a new topic you're learning about in school so you’ll need to take notes to remember everything.

For me this was the first step of many, it may seem basic but if I were to ask you right now, what are the things you love and what are the things that don’t make you happy? You might be able to list a few things but later on you’ll remember more and wish you had of said them too. By having a list it gives you a chance to truly think about these things. I didn’t finish my lists in one day that’s for sure I’m still constantly adding and learning new things I love and new things to avoid.

To give you an idea here’s some from my list of

Things to Avoid

The News:

With the whole world going through a horrible cruel time, for me watching the news puts me

in a horrible way, which I am sure many other people feel the same. It is still important for me to keep up with the on goings of the world but I take it in small doses. It is hard to avoid the news it seems to be everywhere from my phone to my laptop to my tv. I have managed to lower my intake by deleting my Facebook app, I find Facebook just so draining, I do pop on every now and again to see memes I’ve been tagged in because who doesn't love a good meme to make you laugh.

Toxic People:

It may seem obvious but some people need to be reminded of this one. Do you ever get that feeling around someone like they just drain all the good energy from you, maybe it’s time to detach. Maybe the person isn’t intentionally being this way so sometimes it’s best to just say (in a nice way of course) that you just need a step back at times and that's okay, obviously I don’t condone being cruel about it, you can say it in a nice way because sometimes it’s important to put yourself and your mental health first in a situation like that.

They're just some of the things I have learned to avoid, the list is far greater but you get the idea. Obviously everyone has different things they don’t enjoy, it all changes person so I highly suggest just keeping in mind for the next few days, what are the things that have a negative impact on me?

In my list of “Things to do more” it includes all the things that make me happy everyday and help me through some bad days.

Here’s some of the things I need to do more of:

Me Time:

If you were to ask my mother she’d joke about how I over do it on the me time, I take care of myself so well and it’s fantastic. For a long time I was cruel to myself so I’m making it up to my gorgeous body and mind by treating it like a true temple. A lot of us can be cruel to ourselves more than anything and it ain’t fun. For a long time I couldn't stand myself in fact I would say I just wanted out of this body and mind, I know a lot of you reading this can relate. Believe me when I say I am now truly happy with my body and mind, of course I have my days if I didn't I wouldn’t be writing this. I now treat my body and mind with the respect and love it deserves.

Coming in from school I use to sit on my bed and just think the meanest things about myself, I now come in, I light a few candles, maybe I turn on my fairy light, I get a cup of tea and I could just sit there and truly enjoy my own company. Can you say you truly enjoy your own company? Without texting people or being on your phone but it being just you and your thoughts?


I adore movies so every time I find a new movie that makes

me happy, I write it down in my journal. Usually happy sad films are the best for letting out a much needed cry I always feel like there is a weight off my shoulders after. My personal favourite right now, Finding Dory it’s bloody brilliant for a happy cry.


I don’t even think I would consider my journal a journal. It has everything in it and I adore it, I don't write in it every night I tend to use it when I have a lot on my chest. Believe me when I say you feel so much better after scribbling down how you feel into a journal, I don't care about spelling in it or my hand writing or even what I’m saying I just let it all flow out. I know when I am so angry over something I can overreact so much and say some silly things so by putting that in my diary it means I let out those silly things I have to say. I can’t express enough the love I have for my little book of thoughts it’s full of my worst and best times and I’m so glad I have it.

Most importantly just chat to someone just let someone know you’re having a not so good day. We all need a little help now and then.

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