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Review: The Bodyweight Warrior

This Book is a starting point…

The start of no excuses. The start of fulfilment. The start of your journey.

January has come and gone, and with every new year, every women and man stands up on the scales and vows to never eat carbs, to inhale kale and reluctantly signs their souls away to spinning classes with Sheila from accounting.

But with all these promises of weight loss: calorie counting, weight loss body masks and dare we say it (caloric irrigation), could ‘The Bodyweight Warrior Programme’ be our salvation?

The answer: Yes

The reason: The Bodyweight Warrior Programme is not as scary as its title.

In fact, it’s not a diet at all. It’s a lifestyle. Have no fear this doesn’t mean that you will overnight turn into a no gluten, no dairy eating Kardashian, but rather, the body weight programme focusses on strength and mobility.

It aims, to make your body and muscles as healthy as possible. With The Bodyweight Warrior Programme, you get all the motivation and fitness advice without the lycra clad 80’s throwback shouting at you to lunge, but rather in the delightful form of Tom Merrick.

Split into three sections for easy browsing, The Bodyweight programme is targeted at your own specific health and fitness goals through body weight training: 1. Beginners, 2. Skill development, 3. Mass Gain, so wherever you are in your journey, (even if like me, you’re a beginner) there is a programme to suit your ability and ailments.

I know what you’re thinking. How hard is it? I’ve tried many fitness programmes over the years, I’ve fallen off treadmills, sprained joints in legs bums and tums, and even cried during an insanity session: but never has my body felt so good after a workout before.

As I finished my first session my muscles sang in the halleluiah chorus knowing that spinning classes were no more, and in silent relief that Merrick hadn't quite killed me. They felt the sweet ache of being strengthened and flexed, which is really what the Bodyweight Warrior programme is about. A healthy body.

Now I know what you are thinking. If it’s that good, how much is this going to cost me?

That’s the best part…

The Bodyweight programme is free.

At first, I was hesitant. What’s the catch? Where do I put my credit card details? Will my trainers one day be held for ransom? And I was delighted to find that the answer to those formidable questions is: Never.

With that said, a donations button is attached to the page upon download to help support The Bodyweight Warriors channel, and rightly so considering the E-book itself is free. If only all gym memberships could be the alfresco ‘pay what you want’.

If that wasn’t enough Merrick also uploads fitness tutorials to The Bodyweight Warrior channel, as well as recipes, and lifestyle advice to his Instagram page, just in case you can’t get enough!

Just remember, this is not a health and fitness programme.

It’s a warrior in training programme.

The Bodyweight Warrior Programme is downloadable via

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