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25 questions for travel compatibility

You’re ready to travel with a new friend or acquaintance but you don’t know if it’s a good idea? If you’re like me you’ve had at least one really bad experience that has left you wondering how do I find my next travel buddy.

How do I make sure that I don’t repeat this experience with someone else? I think, most of this comes down to boundaries. Making sure you both keep your boundaries and that you go in with clear expectations for the trip. It can also help if you have travel compatibility.

Here are some questions to gauge your travel compatibility:

  1. Are you an early riser or a night owl?

  2. Do you like quiet nights or parties?

  3. Would you rather read by the pool or zip line through the forest?

  4. Beach or mountains? AKA would you rather hike or lounge?

  5. Do you like down time everyday or do you want to take advantage of every moment you have?

  6. In a city would you rather walk, uber/lyft or cab it?

  7. Preference to city or country?

  8. Luxury hotel or sharing economy (airbnb, couchsurfing, hostels)?

  9. Are you a light packer or you have to have two checked bags?

  10. Shower everyday or when you feel like you need it because you don’t want to waste the time if you can be out seeing stuff and you don’t stink?

  11. Are you a must have makeup everyday girl or all natural? AKA How much bathroom time do you each need?

  12. Are you a one photo and your done kind of person or photo every few steps? If you’re with someone that wants to take more photos than you, can you be patient?

  13. How much work or internet time do you need everyday? Or do you prefer to be in the moment and offline?

  14. Spontaneous, plan everything or somewhere in the middle?

  15. Back roads or only the highways?

  16. Cold or hot weather preference?

  17. Do you snore? Are you a light sleeper?

  18. Are you a planner? Do you have to be THE planner?

  19. Do you have to be in charge or do you just go with whatever the planner says?

  20. Drive or have someone else drive you? Are you a better navigator or driver?

  21. Cook in or eat out?

  22. Planes, trains, buses, cabs or cars ok?

  23. First class or coach?

  24. Tourist or traveler?

  25. How will you split expenses? Figure this out ahead of time.

And my favorite question: What’s your favorite thai food dish and why = how adventurous are you?

What does your ideal day look like on a trip? What does your overall week look like?

Talk to your travel buddy about all of this and make sure you have a lot in common or the trip could end up disappointing you both.

Make sure you also discuss your actual expectations for the trip. Be open, honest and upfront. This will save you a great deal of heartache on the trip.

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