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A common complaint from young voters in the UK is that there is virtually no diversity within the house of commons, and therefore only a proportion of society is actually represented. The typical picture painted of a politician is a white, middle class man in his fifti...

The threat is once again real. The globe is in a state of suspense.

The dramatic beauty of a nuclear explosion starkly contrasts to its devastating effects. Imagine the thunderous roar as everything around you is destroyed, the dark dense smog dissipating down to civili...

Imagine the world as a funfair, with endless opportunities and thousands of diverse activities and adventures available to its customers.

Being a member of the EU is like having a subscription to fast track tickets, you have the best of everything. You get to jump to th...

From Florence Nightingale, Emily Pankhurst and Princess Diana to Emma Watson, Carol Ann Duffy to Kelly Holmes there have been so many notable and inspirational British women that have progressively furthered gender equality in society. Now we are in a position for the...

In the spirit of maintaining a ‘strong and stable’ Britain, the coalition between The Conservatives and The Democratic Unionist Party resulted in £1billion in spending being secured for Northern Ireland’s budget.

After making this deal with the DUP Mrs May’s actions hav...

June the 8th, a life changing, world-turning decision was to be made by the British public.  Who are we really putting in charge of our lives? The answer- we could not make a unanimous decision, resulting in a government that no-one actually voted for.

With the majority...

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